IAEA training course – Argonne 2014

Tomas Hrncir attended IAEA training course called „Practical Training Course on Planning and Implementation of Nuclear Facility Decommissioning and Remediation of Radioactively Contaminated Sites“ in May 2014.Course is held in Argonne National Laboratory in US and the goal of course was to get familiarized with basic principles, experience and good practice in the field of decommissioning of NI and remediation of contaminated sites. Course included several series of lectures made by experts from decommissioning and remediation. These lectures consisted of theoretical principles an knowledge and case studies as well. Acquired data and knowledge was subsequently used by participants during experts exercises focused on conceptual site model development for contaminated site, actualisation of these conceptional site models based on various information given, development of plan of radiological characterisation of site and development of decommissioning plan for given facility as well.

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